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            Dear Friends,
          Regrettably, RescueNet will be on hiatus until further notice.

          If you are not already on our mailing list, please make sure we have your e-mail address so we can keep everyone advised on any changes that might occur.

          We'd like to personally thank everyone for their participation and loyalty that made RescueNet the education, success and fun it was every week... And will be again.
                                                                        Mike & Jeff 
           Send email updates to: mike@socalrescuenet.org

          SoCal RescueNet is a forum for all issues having to do with Southern California professional and volunteer emergency responders such as firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency medicine and emergency communications services, including all ham radio operators.

          SoCal RescueNet's live discussions are best enjoyed while on alternative power providing all participants an extended test of their equipment's worst case operational modes.

          Although many discussions on SoCal RescueNet include the policies and procedures of various agencies and organizations, SoCal RescueNet is never to be considered as training or a replacement for proper training, training practices and/or agency or organizational policies.

          Other than the standard FCC regulations, SoCal RescueNet has only three rules:

          1. Any and all comments made on SoCal RescueNet are purely those of the individual making them.

          2. SoCal RescueNet must be safe place for all to express their opinions, however with that comes responsibility. With the occasional exception we are all adults here, so act like it and keep it civil.

          3. The only dumb question or comment is the one that goes unspoken.

          SoCal RescueNet is one of the largest nets on the 2 Meter band. So if you're a new listener, hang in there. The member check-in may take up to 30 minutes (or longer). New member and visitor check-ins are taken last, and then we go on to the evening's discussion subject. So in our case, new folks being fashionably late is perfectly fine.

          7-3 and thanks for your support and participation!

          SoCal RescueNet meets live every Tuesday night at 8 PM (PST) on the Keller Peak Repeater.

          146.385 MHz with an input of 146.985 MHz, and CTCSS tone of 146.2

          IRLP Node# 3216

          Echolink users can talk and listen to the Keller Peak Repeater at KE6TZG-R

          Not A Ham?
          Listen Live via streaming audio on your computer.